High-Quality Solutions For Roadway Assets You Can Count On!


Our professionals have a century of combined experience in pavement design, data collection, GIS integration, and pavement/asset management.


We are capable of collecting networks of over 10,000 miles of roadway to smaller networks of only 100 miles.  We can tailor our deliverables and services to fit your needs.


We strive to provide repeatable and defendable data to provide the most accurate representation of the network conditions for use in efficient decision making.


Providing results through graphs and imagery to help illustrate conditions and decision processes to collaborate and communicate with stakeholders.


We use the latest in equipment to produce clear, sharp, and defined images with state-of-the-art processes.


We can customize our analysis to use any software or evaluation by understanding the needs of our clients and find a solution.

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Our pavement and ROW inspection team looks forward to visiting with your agency to discuss specific needs to meet your requirements.